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The guys from TN Tecno try our new Plastic visors

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What is Screencap?

It´s just simple!

Screencap is a cap with a high definition multimedia screen on its front, thus it´s the new tool for direct advertising action.

It´s an innovative and a more agile way to show any content, giving dynamism and more variety to something that used to be static, for all kind of events.

It´s fun! No more boring caps!

Screencap "the ad revolution"

Screencap: some useful ideas

In sports events

Screencap is a new advertising tool for professional athletes and models to wear, in all kinds of sports, to show their sponsors in press conferences, interviews, TV shows and different events.

Motorshows, races and auctions

The automotive companies people?s will wear Screencap in exhibitions, new cars and motorcycles releases, and also the racers in all kinds of races!
The people involved in the promotional and sales departments will use Screencaps, showing, for example, the logo of their brand, the model of the presented or exposed car, its main characteristics, etc.
Screencap is the new marketing tool available at the disposal for publicists and creative person?s imagination in advertising campaigns.

Business employees

Screencap could be easily wore by attendants in fast food stores (showing different products and offers); cashiers at supermarkets and stores (highlighting benefits, discounts and price of products), etc.

Infinite uses

Use your imagination! In every advertising action in which is used a traditional simple cap with a logo on it, you can improve the effect with a Screencap!

Support your favorite team!

Go team Go!!!
Picture yourself in a game wearing a Screencap showing the images you want!
You´ll be the number one fan!

Just one touch!

For Screencap we have developed an exclusive software, one touch, easy to use, very simple and intuitive.

The multimedia contents on the screen will catch everybody´s attention! Screencap will not go unnoticed in the eyes of those who are nearby.

We believe that in the future, Screencap will be a product of massive use.

That is why we´re developing new technologies and contents for this new way of communication.

Screencap "the ad revolution"

Who are we?

Argentines Rolando Demaio and Alberto Codagnone are the company owners and leading project managers. They know that Screencap put them on the right way to chase their dreams. They work along with a great team with the only purpose that companies and clients can show their best image, products and offers.

Rolando Demaio tells us in an interview at "Channel 8 Telefe Mar del Plata": "We try to generate new proposals that involve technological innovation and creativity , and we have developed this product specifically for advertising purposes and direct marketing actions and all that have to do with advertising."

Alberto Codagnone says: "Traditional caps are already "oldies" and boring. We?re going one step beyond into the future. Screencap is a new force, we feel such an energy and joy."

Juliana Santillán, Commercial Director of Screencap®, explains:
"Innovation, exhibition and design is what we offer with Screencap®."

Today we see how creativity opens the new paths of visual communication; To expand a brand, a product, or simply "say" in images, requires a correct and immediate solution aimed at satisfying the needs of our customers.

We are a company created for the expansion of an advertising segment, Screencap® it´s an accessory integrated to a promotional clothing able to offer in real time, all the necessary information, customized and tailored to the requirements of our customers when displaying their brand, products, etc.. In a digitalized world, dynamic and constantly developing, to stay in the traditional and static way is frankly falling into disadvantage.

We can go further, get where the fixed posters, the printed and static publication do not arrive. With Screencap® the attention of the public is assured, our devices are designed to captivate the constant need of the digital world that exists at every moment, to join that process of changes that is needed to spread a promotional message or brand. "Growing is not stopping, Screencap® is being part of the commercial world of smart advertising."

We can grow together.

We are Screencap® "the ad revolution" - Mar del Plata - Argentina

We are Screencap and we want everyone in the world to join this! We?re ready to listen to all your proposals and queries in order to satisfy every single thing you need. We will work together with your brand managers so that your company can sell more and better.

Screencap "the ad revolution"

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